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Post-Lipo Complications: Is this Normal?

Post-Lipo Complications: Is this Normal?

I can advise patients on what’s normal and not during and after a procedure because I’ve spoken to MANY patients. When you’re first starting, this is a lot harder because you don’t have as much experience to tap into. As you start seeing more patients, this process becomes easier because you learn what to expect based on the patient’s feedback.

So, today we’re going to talk about numbness and tingling after liposuction.

Sometimes patients will come in worried about numbness and burning in the skin after a liposuction procedure or a BBL with lipo.

First, let’s start by saying – this is normal!

During lipo, the nerves just under the skin get injured, and as they heal and join back up, they send out little signals that often feel like burning, tearing, ripping, and even like a jolt of electricity. The level of this type of feeling is different from patient to patient – some will experience a lot, and some just a little.

This feeling after a procedure differs significantly from say a patient complaining of a dull ache or pressure. Understanding the signs from one person to another based on patient explanation takes time, experience, and talking to hundreds of folks that have undergone procedures of this nature.

Most importantly, this feeling will disappear, and there are ways to treat it.

As strange as it sounds, you treat this type of nerve regeneration with more touch. I always recommend medium-pressure touch (massage, scratching, etcetera) to give your skin multiple sources of sensation. This tactic will help the nerves heal.

Post Liposuction Vibrating Massage Roller

Vibrating Roller

Another way to treat this condition is using a rolling device, specifically the Ogee Roller. I recommend that patients use the Ogee Roller for 12 months after a liposuction procedure.

The Ogee Roller features heat, texture and vibration – the trifecta for sensation. You can use it like a rolling pin, and it will help reduce the numbness and aid in smoothing and softening the skin. Roll lightly for nerve pain and make it harder to address any lumpiness. You can get the best skin after liposuction by giving your body as much variability as possible.

Importantly, you can’t over-roll. We want to make sure your skin doesn’t look like it’s ever had lipo, and for that, I recommend purchasing the Ogee Roller and using it on the whole area at least once a day for an entire year.

Remember, the more often you roll, the better your skin will look!