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The Ogee Faja is more than just a compression garment. During recovery, it has many functions to make a patient feel comfortable while protecting results. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you along on your journey!

How long do I need to wear a faja after a BBL?

The Ogee Faja is designed to be worn 24 hours a day for the first six weeks after your surgery. After the first six weeks, it is recommended to continue wearing it for an additional six weeks, but only for half the day and sleeping without it at night. After the entire three months, please discontinue use. Wearing your faja longer than the recommended time can be detrimental to your results.

Can the Ogee Faja be used as a stage 2 faja?

The Ogee Faja can be used as a stage 2 faja because of its hook and eye design. The adjustable enclosure allows for continuous cinching along your journey! Further, the garment should be altered by a tailor or seamstress to fit snug but comfortable throughout your recovery, starting about a week after your procedure.
Tip: If you find that your faja fits too loosely, even with alteration, you may want to consider a smaller size.

What sizes are available? Are there plus sizes?

Finding your perfect fit is easy - The Ogee Faja is available from XXS to XXL!

What are the benefits of wearing the Ogee Faja after a BBL surgery?

Wearing The Ogee Faja after a BBL surgery is instrumental because it reduces bleeding and swelling and aids in comfort during recovery. After surgery, there is space between your skin and muscle where fat used to be. By wearing The Ogee Faja 24 hours a day for the first six weeks directly after surgery, you are reducing the amount of fluid and swelling that can build up in that space. Further, The Ogee Faja provides comfort through compression and its functional fit, allowing patients to move around while feeling secure and comfortable.

How do I put on the Ogee Faja on?

When you wake up in the recovery room after surgery, your faja will already be on. Please wear The Ogee Faja the entire day. During your visit the day after your procedure, the nurses will help you remove your faja, switch your dressings, and teach you the proper way to put on and wear your faja, but also refer to our "How to put on your faja" video. The Ogee Faja was designed to fit snuggly but comfortably for three months following your procedure. You’ll want to completely unclip the faja, step in, and pull it on carefully, avoiding areas of discomfort.

Will I need to purchase a new faja when my waist begins to shrink?

You do not need to purchase a new faja, but you will need to start getting your faja altered by a seamstress about a week after surgery. Your body will begin drastically changing during this time, and to keep the perfect fit, you’ll want to make sure your faja has been tailored by a professional to fit your body. If you find that your faja is oversized even after alterations, you may want to purchase a smaller size. Tip: It’s ideal to have two fajas on hand after surgery so that you have extras to wear during laundering. After you’ve begun shrinking, you’ll also want to consider buying a third that is a smaller size.

How do I wash my faja?

Handwash your faja with a gentle cleanser and hang to dry.

What are the differences in the compression levels?

The Ogee Faja is revolutionary because of its varying compression levels and functional fit. Different levels of compression are essential after a BBL because areas that receive fat deposits will need less compression than areas where liposuction occurs. To ensure the perfect hourglass results, The Ogee Faja provides less compression around your buttocks, hips and legs, providing ideal conditions for new fat to adhere and survive. Simultaneously, The Ogee Faja will also give a tighter, secure fit around your back, waist and key area, creating a perfectly cinched waist.

Will I lose fat in the hips and butt if I wear the Ogee Faja?

The Ogee Faja will not cause you to lose fat in the hips or buttocks. It will actually help the added fat on your hips and butt to survive. Please be aware that your body will change dramatically within the first few days post-surgery. These changes are expected, and as long as you are wearing The Ogee Faja as directed, your results will be as anticipated by your plastic surgeon.

How do I know what's the right size for me?

Follow the link for a visual aid to help you find your "perfect fit"!

What are Colombian Fajas?

Colombians invented the faja, and thus, have a comprehensive history designing and manufacturing it. Latin cultures also coined liposuction, making it the procedure we know today.

The Ogee Roller

The Ogee Roller is a state-of-the-art rolling device that manipulates the skin using pressure, texture, and heat all from the comfort of your own home. This innovative roller was designed specifically with liposuction patients in mind, minimizing skin irregularities and maximizing healing.

What is the Ogee Roller?

The Ogee Roller is a state-of-the-art rolling device that uses pressure, texture, and heat to manipulate the skin.

What was the Ogee Roller designed to treat?

The Ogee Roller was designed specifically with liposuction patients in mind, minimizing skin irregularities and maximizing healing. However, it can also be used in many scenarios to aid sore muscles.

What types of features does the Ogee Roller have?

This innovative roller is small, textured and portable. It also offers heat, vibration and detachable handles!

What is the Ogee Roller made of and can it be cleaned?

The Ogee Roller is made from easy-to-clean plastic.

What types of complications does the Ogee Roller tackle?

During liposuction, there is a normal separation of tissue that happens based on how every surgeon uses the cannula to remove the body’s fat deposits. The body’s natural response to the separation of tissue is to repair it by creating fibers, which can often lead to fibrosis or lumps and/or bumps near the incision site. While the Ogee Roller’s vibration smooths skin and reduces deep-down scar tissue – helping to eliminate bumps, fibrosis and seromas – that isn’t all it helps with. The roller also encourages lymphatic drainage, swelling and circulation after surgery.

Why does the Ogee Roller have a textured surface? How does that help?

After liposuction, lymphatic channels collapse and can become stuck – ultimately causing scarring that can lead to fibrosis. The Ogee Roller’s pyramid-like texture act as one hundred little lymphatic massagers, opening up the damaged lymphatic channels and helping to remove the fluid and swelling that can lead to scar tissue and fibrosis.

How does the Ogee Roller work to smooth the skin?

To answer this, first, we need to understand what happens during the liposuction procedure. The process of liposuction carefully removes fat while preserving the blood supply and attachments of the underlying tissue to the skin. Imagine a spider web as the attachments and the holes in the web are the liposuctioned areas where fat was removed. After liposuction, the holes of the web collapse along with the threads of the web and, as the body heals, these web strands can ball up and form scar tissue leaving the skin lumpy and bumpy. The Ogee Roller has the ability to flatten and align these fibers so the scarring is minimized leaving the skin smoother and less lumpy, preventing the squandering of a great liposuction result.

Should the Ogee Roller be used over a garment?

If you are recently out of surgery, please use your roller over the top of your compression garments. It can also be used directly on skin as you heal and get comfortable.

Can the Ogee Roller be used without help?

Yes, and it’s encouraged! Certainly, after procedures like liposuction or a BBL, patients are highly encouraged to get lymphatic massages. However, by using the Ogee Roller from the comfort of your home, you can get a leg up on reducing your chances of complications like fibrosis.

How do you use it?

To use the Ogee Roller, click on the detachable handles and use it like a rolling pin. Apply firm pressure on all areas treated with liposuction. Once you begin the second pass-through, switch on the vibration and heat modes to stimulate the fascia and increase blood flow to tighten and smooth the skin.

When should I start using my Ogee Roller?

Begin one week after your surgery and continue for six months following surgery. The more frequently and the longer you roll, the better your results.

EZBra by Ogee Recovery

The Ezbra is a sterile, disposable bra designed to fit most breasts while providing comfortable support that’s easy to put on and made of ultra-absorbent and breathable fabric. It is the perfect recovery solution for any breast procedure.

Is the EZbra sterile?

Yes! The EZbra comes packaged from the manufacturer and should be discarded after use.

Does the EZbra have adhesives or latex?

During recovery, patients shouldn’t have to worry about anything that could complicate healing, including allergic reactions. The EZbra was created without latex or adhesives. Instead, it’s made from natural rubber.

Does EZbra have different sizes?

The EZbra has three sizes to cover a wide range of bra sizes and body shapes.

Will the EZbra support drains?

EZbra is designed to stabilize drain tubes and hold drain bulbs for proper drain management.

Will the EZbra absorb any fluid or blood from incisions?

The EZbra is an ultra-absorbent, multilayered garment that’s easy to put on and created from breathable fabric. It’s designed to absorb any fluid and be thrown away.

How do I put on my EZbra?

With clean hands, stand in front a mirror and open the Ezbra and remove the instructions. Unfold and detach the front tabs, and while holding them, place the tabs behind your back and pull up to your armpits. Fasten the tabs by crossing the upper tab over left cup and attaching, and repeating the process on the other side.

Flex Bands
Unfold the top and bottom flex bands, pull and attach. Release longer flex bands on top and bottom. To adjust compression levels, refit tabs and bands.

Can a patient put on/remove the EZbra without help?

Yes! The EZbra uses flex bands that secure in the front. This feature, among many others, makes it ideal to giving patients back their autonomy after surgery.

Does the EZbra have underwire?

After surgery, patients must have gentle, comfortable support – that’s why the EZbra was designed without underwire. Instead, the flex bands/tabs allow patients to adjust the garment to their compression comfort level without putting too much pressure on incisions.

Can the EZbra be worn directly after surgery?

Yes! In fact, many plastic surgeons/doctors will already have it on you when you wake.

Does the EZbra offer compression?

Yes, the EZbra has tailored compression that can be adjusted per every patient’s specific needs.