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How to Wear Your Compression Garment After a BBL

How to Wear Your Compression Garment After a BBL

If you’ve ever put on shapewear (and so many of us have), you likely know that depending on the type of garment and its give, it can be challenging to get on. The exact same idea applies to the Ogee Faja.

The Ogee Faja was designed and created with all the bells and whistles, and you’ll understand that as soon as you put it on for the first time. You can depend on this faja to fit unlike any other on the market. It will support you like a best friend and hug you like a lover, but that also means that getting it on isn’t always easy.

The faja -- while comfortable and breathable -- post-surgery, or even just simply trying the garment on for the first time, can prove to be a little tricky. Its snug design, stretchy material and hook and eye enclosure does take a bit of practice, but not to worry, we’re here to help! 

Step by Step: How to Put n The Ogee Faja

Begin by scrunch your unfastened faja in your hands. Step in, one foot at a time, and pay attention to the anti-roll strip near the lace at the bottom of the leg. While carefully pulling your garment up, align your thighs, hips and buttocks with the seams.

Pro Tip: The garment will fit snugly, so be gentle if you’re fresh out of surgery. However, we do not recommend trying your faja on for the first time after surgery.

Then, begin adjusting the shoulder straps to your liking. Each body shape is different, but the Ogee Faja was designed to fit any torso length. The straps will hold the faja firmly in place, and will also pull the hook and eye enclosure section up until it comfortably lays beneath your breasts.

Adjust the straps to your liking, then slide your arms into the armholes and correct its positioning until your arms, armpits and upper stomach are comfortable.

Now, on to the eye hooks! It’s important to begin at the bottom and work your way up – this technique allows you to adjust along the way with a bit more ease.

Pro Tip: Secure/clip the first eye hook, closest to your breasts, to keep the faja in place before you begin from the bottom.

Once you have secured each hook and eye, make sure all your seams are aligned, and you’re comfortable – that includes ensuring that the faja fits correctly – snug but not too tight. Fajas that are too constricting after surgery can cause circulation and blood supply issues, so you’ll want to ensure that yours fits as it’s supposed to.

Now take a long hard look in the mirror and know you’re one step closer to the body of your dreams!