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The Ogee Recovery team, creators of The Ogee Faja, Ogee Scar Gel, EZBra and many more, have years of experience in the recovery product arena. Combining a range of professionals from a plastic surgeon to graphic and multimedia artists, advertising coordinators, sales, and auxiliary services professionals, the Ogee Recovery team is a dynamic melting pot of surgical, marketing, and product support expertise, challenging the status quo of traditional recovery products and safeguarding post surgical results worldwide.


Fajas, compression garments worn after liposuction to minimize swelling and ensure skin tightening, is essential to give you the best result after your procedure. You might think all the magic of shaping a buxom bottom happens after the operating room doors close, but that's far from the truth. As a plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, I know much of the ideal outcome relies on a faja supporting my work through a functional fit. A faja needs to fit, but its purpose is more complex than just that. A faja must sculpt, smooth, and define what I like to call the Ogee line – the body's beautiful, natural curve - with mixed levels of compression that are specific to each area being targeted and reshaped.

I'm so proud to share The Ogee Faja with you as you begin your journey. You deserve a compression garment that's as custom as every curve and assures that the radiant body you've dreamed of becomes a reality.
Dr. William Miami
The Ogee Roller with its heat, vibration and little pyramids is a must-have after undergoing liposuction. The results speak for themselves and are much better in patients who roll after liposuction.
Dr. William Miami

Ogee Recovery