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Ogee Scar System

The Ogee Scar Gel, designed by a board-certified plastic surgeon and based on a two-year study, was created to combine a roll-on medical-grade scar gel with stimulating vibration. The Ogee Scar Gel combines the power of ultra-hydrating silicon-based gel with a vibrating roll-on applicator head. 

How to Apply

1.     Simply add 2 coin cell 357 LR44  batteries

2.     Push the button located on the bottom and roll!

The gel formula will accumulate on the roller’s tip while the device provides gentle, state-of-the-art vibration that promotes the softening and flatting of scars.

Ogee Recovery is committed to excellence. The Ogee Scar Gel, as well as all other Ogee Recovery products, was developed to aid in a seamless recovery and ensure the best possible results after plastic surgery.