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Minimize Infection with the Ogee EZBra

Minimize Infection with the Ogee EZBra

Like any surgical procedure, complications can occur after a breast procedure. While problems after breast augmentations are rare, it is possible.

Capsular contracture is one of the most common causes of reoperation. Yet, it’s a complication that many patients don’t know about and is believed to be caused by infection.

Capsular Contracture

Because an implant is a foreign body with no receptors, it can’t be rejected. Your body knows it shouldn’t be there but cannot mount an immune response.

As a reaction, your immune system creates a capsule around the implant, and while this happens in every patient, only some will experience hardening or calcification associated with capsular contracture.

In some cases, hardening can cause pain and the implant/breast to become distorted. It isn’t harmful, but it changes the look of the breast. In mild cases, one side might be a bit firmer than the other without pain, but in more serious cases, there is pain and severe distortion. In those circumstances, we re-operate.

While there is no way to tell what patients might be affected by this complication, there are ways to curtail your odds.

Ogee Recovery’s EZBra

The Ogee EZbra offers all the best features of a great post-surgical bra and more. It provides:

Post-op breast and drain support
Defines breast folds
Easy to put on and comfortable
Adjustable compression
Designed to fit any body and breast size
Non-adhesive and made without rubber latex

But, even more significantly, it is also a sterile, disposable bra made of ultra-absorbent and breathable fabric – virtually eliminating the possibility of infection if worn correctly.

Instead of cleaning a recovery bra after it’s been soiled, you can remove the Ogee EZBra and throw it away. If you’re concerned about capsular contracture, want to minimize your risks of infection, or just enjoy ultimate results after surgery, the Ogee EZBra provides the best support in healing on the market.