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Ogee Faja - Compression Garment

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The Ogee Faja, the first garment of its kind created by a board-certified plastic surgeon, provides support through varying compression levels that are essential to ensure a seamless recovery following procedures like Tummy Tucks, Brazilian Butt Lifts, or Liposuction. Thoughtfully designed to offer more compression in areas that receive liposuction and less where new, delicate fat is added, The Ogee Faja continues molding, shaping, and sculpting the perfect figure long after your procedure.

Immediately following your surgery and before you wake, you’ll be placed in The Ogee Faja. Through its custom compression and functional fit  design, the garment works to reduce bleeding, minimize inflammation, prevent fluid retention, and encourage overall healing – vitally important factors that aid in protecting and preserving your results.

Our Ogee Faja also offers invaluable comfort and support, allowing patients to move around more freely with less pain post-op.


  • Functional Fit design molds, reshapes and sculpts an hourglass figure through varying levels of compression, accentuating the body’s beautiful, natural curve.
  • Shaping Powernet, a firm mesh fabric, provides the perfect textile trifecta: strength, durability, and elasticity.
  • Fully breathable and quick-drying inner lining – minimizing risks of bacterial growth.
  • Four varying fabrics at the Key Area:
    • Two internal layers of high compression Powernet that provides strong supportive pressure
    • Internal quick-drying inner lining
    • External bidirectional fabric
  • Soft, elastic, and bidirectional fabric through the hips and legs delivers light compression where new fat is placed.
  • Hook and eye closure with four size adjustments promote gradual compression.
  • Wide, adjustable straps perfect for any torso shape or size.
  • Open crotch design for extended wear and ease of use post-surgery.
  • Silicone lace thighs for comfort and to prevent roll-up or chafing.



  • Reduces bleeding, minimizes inflammation, prevents fluid retention, and improves overall healing
  • Provides tight, controlled support for maximum comfort and pain reduction
  • Accelerates adhesion of the skin to abdominal muscles
  • Sculpts hips, thighs, buttock, and stomach
  • Smooths bulges and reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Ensures skin tightening



After measuring your waist and hips, locate your size on our size chart. If your measurements don’t match up quite right, don’t worry! You can either select the hip size for the most comfort or select the waist size that will provide the most cinching. 



Having a hard time selecting the size that’s perfect for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Watch our how-to choose your PERFECT FIT video here.

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