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Ogee Roller - Post Surgery Vibrating Massage Roller

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Introducing The Ogee Roller

The Ogee Roller, introduced to the market by a seasoned American board-certified plastic surgeon and Duke University alumni, will change the recovery process for liposuction patients forever.


Created by Miami based, board-certified, Plastic surgeon, Dr. William, Ogee Recovery operates with a single purpose in mind: to improve recovery from plastic surgery to get the best results possible. By adding the Ogee Roller to our line of products, we have streamlined the recovery experience and are committed to protecting your investment.

Liposuction is wonderful. Millions of people have liposuction each year because it is such a powerful way to shape the body. We have seen patients with life-changing results after having liposuction, but unfortunately, we have also seen patients achieve a beautiful shape after liposuction only to have their results spoiled by lumpy, bumpy, uneven skin. So while their shape is beach ready their skin is not. This is preventable thanks to the introduction of The Ogee Roller! 


  • Small and portable
  • Detachable handles
  • Sleek design and shape
  • Built in heating and vibration for deep down stimulation
  • Textured surface for increased circulation
  • Made from easy to clean plastic
  • Can be used on top of garment or under


  • Compact design makes it portable and simplifies storage.
  • Attachable handles allows for maximum pressure and ease of use.
  • Vibration smooths skin and reduces deep down scar tissue, bumps, fibrosis and seromas.
  • Added heat helps soothe aches and pains.
  • Texture surface promotes skin contouring, reduces swelling and increase circulation.
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage.
  • Plastic material is easy to clean between uses.
  • Simplifies massage from home.


How does the Ogee Roller work to smooth the skin? To answer this, first, we need to understand what happens during the liposuction procedure. The process of liposuction carefully removes fat while preserving the blood supply and attachments of the underlying tissue to the skin. Imagine a spider web as the attachments and the holes in the web are the liposuctioned areas where fat was removed. After liposuction, the holes of the web collapse along with the threads of the web and, as the body heals, these web strands can ball up and form scar tissue leaving the skin lumpy and bumpy. The Ogee Roller has the ability to flatten and align these fibers so the scarring is minimized leaving the skin smoother and less lumpy, preventing the squandering of a great liposuction result. 

While that is a basic explanation, it is actually a little more complicated than that. The small pyramids that make up the outside of the Ogee Roller act as one hundred little lymphatic massagers to open up the lymphatic channels to help remove fluid and swelling from the skin and tissue that accumulate after liposuction. What is the benefit of this? The benefit is when these lymphatic channels collapse they can become stuck and also cause scarring and even lead to fibrosis; however, The Ogee Roller opens these channels to prevent scarring. But that is not the entire story. In addition to the pyramids, the Ogee Roller also vibrates. Vibration is very important for the recovery process because when The Ogee Roller is lightly applied to the skin the gentle vibration opens up lymphatic channels and with three powers of vibration the roller can be adjusted for comfortability to help contribute to a healthy recovery designed directly around the needs of the patient. 

With its lightweight, detachable handles the Ogee Roller is portable and easy to take with you when traveling. With the new Ogee Roller, your recovery doesn’t need to stop just because your life gets busy, take the Ogee Roller with you and continue to roll and smooth your skin for a whole twelve months after surgery. Once you are recovered and have smooth skin keep the Ogee Roller to use on sore muscles. The Ogee Roller also makes an excellent companion to treat sore, achy muscles recovering from exercise and uses the power of the pyramids and vibration to get you back in the gym faster and feeling better.

The Ogee Roller with its heat, vibration and little pyramids is a must-have after undergoing liposuction. The results speak for themselves and are much better in patients who roll after liposuction. – Dr. William, Miami.

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