"Wow this Faja is amazing! It’s my new best friend, I have to go to a lot of events and dinners and I love wearing dresses. With this Faja, my body looks amazing because it really gives me a nice shape, my belly gets flat and it lifts my booty without surgery, but also with a natural look. I don’t wear a dress without it. "


"I was part of a group of women that didn’t have Liposuction or a BBL and tried the The Ogee Faja as part of the Case Study. When trying the The Ogee Faja, the first thing I noticed is you can feel the good quality, it fits like a second skin around your body and flatness your tummy and pushes your butt up but is super comfortable so you can wear it all night. "

"I’ve used lots of other compression garments on the market and nothing really compares to this one. I’ve had lipo before and I never felt really secure in my garment until now. The Ogee Faja hugs every curve and makes me so excited to see what my final results are going to look like. "


" Since you wear it all the time, it kind of becomes like a second skin. Thanks to the open-crotch design, I barely took the thing off besides to shower. It gave me all the comfort and support I needed."