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Compression Garments & Fat Survival

Compression Garments & Fat Survival

First, it’s right to be cautious about compression after a BBL. Too much can cause a laundry list of issues -- loss of fat and volume, but also more threatening complications that can make an already difficult recovery even more challenging. Too little, and you risk scar tissue, fibrosis, comfort, and much more.

Plastic surgeons worldwide estimate approximately 20-50% of the fat injected during a BBL won’t survive (because of compression and just the way the body works), but really, there is no way to ever really know an exact number, and that’s why we designed the Ogee Faja – it’s like the insurance policy for your BBL.

Ogee Faja compliments a BBL with snug but cautious compression that doesn’t exacerbate the loss of volume and fat, and while custom compression doesn’t just help shape and sculpt the body during recovery, it also reduces bleeding, minimizes inflammation, prevents fluid retention, and encourages overall healing – all vitally important factors that aid in protecting and preserving your results.

After a BBL, a patient’s hips and buttocks need less compression because too much pressure can cut off the blood supply to the new fat. Maintaining blood supply to the grafted fat is essential to survival and growth. But areas that are lipoed, like the waist, back and key area, need more compression to help define the Ogee Line. The Ogee Faja was designed with these facts in mind. So, throughout the entire garment, varying levels of compression and Powernet - the faja’s firm mesh fabric that provides strength, durability and elasticity - create a comfortable, snug fit that molds the perfect figure long into recovery.

As mentioned, it’s right to be cautious about compression, but please don’t let your trepidation push you to the other extreme -- too little compression. Both too much and too little compression can have lasting adverse effects on your results. A properly fitting faja is as crucial to healing as selecting a caregiver or lymphatic massages. You can’t have exceptional results without it.