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Kiss your scars goodbye! The Ogee Scar Gel is here!

Kiss your scars goodbye! The Ogee Scar Gel is here!

Scars aren’t just a product of surgery. People face skin imperfections for hundreds of reasons, and while The Ogee Scar Gel was designed for use in the post-surgical world, its design and function make it perfect for anyone who needs a little extra oomph to get rid of those ugly, unwanted scars.

The Ogee Scar Gel, designed by an American board-certified plastic surgeon and based on a two-year study, was created to combine a roll-on medical-grade scar gel with deep-down stimulating vibration because the key to eliminating scars isn’t just skin deep. Even better, it comes in a small, discreet and easily transportable design.

Ideal scar reduction results are achieved when a silicone gel is worked into a scar or incision using both pressure and massage. The Ogee Scar Gel combines the power of ultra-hydrating silicon-based gel with a vibrating roll-on applicator head – the perfect combination.

The gel is a semi-permeable barrier that works a lot like your skin – it traps your body’s moisture in to keep your scar or incision hydrated while allowing oxygen to move through freely. The combination of moisture and oxygen creates an ideal environment for healing.

Simply add batteries, flip the switch located on the bottom and get started. The gel formula accumulates on the roller’s tip while the device provides gentle vibration that promotes the softening and flatting of scars. The combined application method expedites healing and helps to eliminate the appearance of scars.

Ogee Recovery is committed to excellence. The Ogee Scar Gel, as well as all other Ogee Recovery products, are developed to aid in a seamless recovery and ensure the best possible results after plastic surgery.

Better Recovery, Better Results – that’s Ogee Recovery.