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Marketing and Operations Director

Paola Bou Daher

Paola Bou Daher, a mid-twenties Venezuela native, is Dr. William’s right-hand in all things marketing, social media, and branding. With a degree in Social Communication and an emphasis on Marketing and Audiovisual Production, Paola graduated from Andrés Bello Catholic University and is often the visionary behind OGEE Recovery’s most innovative campaigns.

Meet Paola

Paola’s determination and creativity were apparent early and have since suited her well in a career with OGEE Recovery. In her humble opinion, nothing is more valuable to a brand’s success than story-telling through audiovisual marketing, beautifully portrayed with rich imagery and video. She’s tenacious and brilliant, accomplishing everything she sets her mind to.

A company’s goal should be reflected in its values and principles and conveyed clearly to its followers. Paola is faithful to this belief, obsessing over perfecting strategies and subtle details to surpass goals and objectives. Her keen dedication and enthusiasm for her craft have opened doors with incredible brands and people.

Paola doesn’t think inside the box – she reinvents it. She believes communication can move human interaction in such a way that it influences daily actions, stretching well beyond a simple post or product -- something she’s proven over and over during her time as a marketing professional. 

As Dr. William and OGEE Recovery’s Marketing Director - a promising start to an extensive and impressive career - she has developed product lines and produced music videos, commercials, short films, podcasts, conferences, marketing events, and more. She’s an expert in her field, utilizing the most powerful marketing tactics that tantalize the senses.

Content curated by Paola has helped to reinvent the plastic surgery arena, reaching millions of users and creating endless interactions that squash misconceptions, bolster knowledge, and encourage her peers and cohorts to push further toward their goals.