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Juan Rojas

Juan Rojas, is the videographer behind many of the OGEE Recovery and Dr. William videos. With nearly a decade of experience, he shines in his trade, always keen on creating a seamless video experience while
invoking emotion. He’s enthusiastic about sharing is vast knowledge of the interworking of cameras, tech and photography.

Meet Juan

Introduced to Dr. William and OGEE Recovery from a friend who previously worked with the brands, Juan was inspired. Once a videographer position opened up, he was eager to embrace the opportunity.

He prides himself on being the go-to for all things film and photo – snapping pictures and video whenever the need arises. However, his favorite role is directing projects because he can lean into his creative side.

This Colombia native loves to play pickleball, watch old television series, swim and create personal content for his Instagram and other social media platforms.