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Social Media Assistant

Gabriela Mena

Gabriela Mena, a professionally budding Cuban native, moved to the States with her family, seeking a better future when she was just 14 years old.

Since childhood, she’s been captivated by the interworking of television and social media and was unrelenting in her desire to attain education in this field of study. With an Associate of Arts, she is full steam ahead in earning her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Florida National University.

Meet Gaby

This self-proclaimed bookworm is passionate about writing and directing. While creating engaging social media content, she draws on her interest in historical and cultural events and her love of ancient art – creating a uniquely personal touch to OGEE Recovery’s social media presence.

Gabriela believes that social media is the key to business success, offering the potential to reach audiences and viewers well outside of an organization’s area of influence. As she learns, grows, and conquers one social media venture at a time, expect to see exceptional things from this promising influencer.