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EzBra - Post Surgical Breast Dressing 5PK

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Ezbra Details

The Ezbra is the perfect recovery solution for any breast procedure. The Ezbra is a sterile, disposable bra designed to fit most breasts while providing comfortable support that’s easy to put on and made of ultra-absorbent and breathable fabric.

Offering an advanced solution to the discomfort and inconvenience patients experience after breast augmentation, the Ezbra combines comfort, ease and tailored compression. While its disposable design makes it the perfect companion after surgery, it’s gentle support anchors implants and drains in place and can be adjusted to fit each patient’s individual needs.

Designed for ease of wear, application and without strong adhesives, rubber latex or underwire, Ezbra is a multilayer dressing and wound care compression that gives patients back their autonomy after surgery.


Features & Benefits

  • Sterile and hygienic
  • Disposable
  • Post-op breast and drain support
  • Defines breast folds
  • Breathable and absorbent multi-layer dressing
  • Easy to put on and comfortable
  • Adjustable compression
  • Designed to fit any body and breast size
  • Non-adhesive and made without rubber latex

Ogee Recovery is committed to excellence. EZbra, as well as all other Ogee Recovery products, are developed to aid in a seamless recovery and ensure the best possible results after plastic surgery.

Better Recovery, Better Results – that’s Ogee Recovery.


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