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The Ogee Faja Event

The Ogee Faja Event

A dazzling product release party hosted by local plastic surgeon Dr. William shook the roof off the Temple House in South Beach. 

Guests entered Temple House sometime around 8:00 pm on Thursday, May 12, and arrived to a screen backdrop for pictures just outside the venue’s doors. Upon being ushered in by Temple House staff and photographers, guests made their way through the lobby and into the grand space where they sipped cocktails, danced and mingled among a sea of Miami’s most beautiful.  

The event was a mirage of splendor, glamour and runway-ready sex appeal. Open bar and hors d'oeuvre blended an atmosphere of luxury and comfort as guests bumped elbows with influencers from as far away as New Zealand and the host-presenter of the night, Catalina Mora. 

Attendees included dozens of Dr. William’s patients, influencers, and other local celebrities like comedian Rich Aronovitch and singer Roxy Nodarse. They paused for interviews, enjoyed time in the spotlight using the 365 photobooth, and posed for the photographers and videographers who documented every minute.

It wasn’t long until the curtain separating the rooms fell, revealing the runway. Singer Roxy Nodarse kicked off the event with her dancers and the catchy track “Her Ogee,” which was released on Dr. William’s social media platforms in December 2020 and has taken up full residency in my head since. 

It was high energy before the faja was even revealed. As Nodarse finished up, Catalina Mora took the stage to introduce The Ogee Faja and help roll into a video featuring Dr. William explaining the project as the 18-month-long labor of love. 

“Understanding the complexity and time invested in procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift, I knew that it was time to evolve with the industry and create a garment that could match and support the surgeries patients are undergoing today,” said Dr. William. “The basic faja stopped fully supporting these advancing procedures years ago. However, the Ogee Faja is designed to ensure that results are flawless and long-lasting, and that's exactly what I want for every one of my patients.” 

Dr. William Miami

The music kicked back up, and the runway was lined with robed models waiting for the moment to reveal The Ogee Faja to the public for the first time. When the music started and Nodarse came back to perform, the moment finally arrived.

As The Ogee Faja models untied their robes to a roar of applause, they prepared to walk the runway and give the audience a thorough understanding of the faja’s “functional fit.” 

As the models finished up, Dr. William came to the stage to describe the faja and thank those who had a hand in its creation. After just a few minutes, fun exploded as dancers lit up the floor, and the DJ spun popular music that got everyone to their feet and back to the bar.  

It wasn’t long until it rained confetti, and the magic of The Ogee Faja was finally fully debuted. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a faja during the event, and I can confirm it is a soft, flexible fabric with adjustable hook-and-eye enclosure, open crotch, no-ride, lace legs, and non-slip bra straps – the team thought of everything. 

Based on audience feedback and overall excitement for the product, The Ogee Faja is already a hot commodity. Not just because it finally revolutionizes compression garments, but because it also forces other shapewear designers to start thinking about how to create products that better fit today’s evolving procedures. 

Fortunately, for those not in attendance, the faja is available on the team’s website at www.ogeerecovery.com and 305 Plastic Surgery. It has also launched on Amazon. 

If the event and its response are a predictor of the fajas splash on the already booming plastic surgery industry, you’ll want to get your hands on one while supplies last. 

The Ogee Faja 

The idea came to fruition nearly two years with a mash-up between Dr. William and Colombian shapewear manufacturer Shaper Lynn, rumored to be the world’s best faja maker. After surgery like lipo, tummy tuck or BBL, Dr. William understood that his patients needed a more custom, capable faja, so he accomplished just that. Together with Shaper Lynn, they designed the magical second skin celebrated and launched on May 12 -- The Ogee Faja. 

The Ogee Faja was designed to give more compression in areas that see liposuction and less where fat is added, helping to sculpt desirable curves and excellent results.