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Scar Healing Secrets

Scar Healing Secrets

No matter the surgery, everyone wants the perfect scar. But… what’s the perfect scar?

An ideal scar is:

  1. Flat
  2. Matches the color of your skin
  3. And is the same width as the scalpel used to make it

Lots of people will tell you that they have the be-all-end-all of scar treatment, but the truth is that the most significant thing when creating a scar treatment regimen is to take the time and stick to your routine.

Don’t misunderstand, there are also significant evidence-based studies that have proven that there is, in fact, a proper way to tackle scar treatment outside of just making the time…

Let’s break it down.

First, you have to create a system that you follow religiously – meaning everyday – and it starts with purchasing the Ogee Scar Strips and the Ogee Scar Gel.

Here’s what a normal day should look like if you’re trying to get the perfect scar.

As soon as you arrive home from work:

  • Shower
  • Wash your scar
  • Pat it dry

Once your scar is dry and clean, apply the Ogee Scar Strip. These strips can be purchased for any type of scar. Put the strip over your incision and sleep in it all night.

Once you wake in the morning, start your routine over:

  • Remove your Ogee Scar Strip
  • Shower
  • Wash your scar
  • Pat it dry

Now, you’ll want to apply your Ogee Scar Gel.

The scar gel combines all the top-notch scar healing tricks into one tiny, little rolling device. The battery-operated roller holds silicone-based gel (ideal for scar treatment because it locks in moisture and protects your scar), an easy-apply roller head AND vibration. You’ll want to really work this in – applying and massaging for two minutes minimum. You’ll want to add this to your scar treatment process twice a day for two minutes or more.

Driving the idea home, a great scar treatment routine means that you must invest the time. That said, once you’re three weeks post-operation, you’ll begin this process. The Ogee Scar Strips should be used daily for two months, and the Ogee Scar Gel should be applied twice a day every day for two minutes or more for ONE year – yes, you got it – one WHOLE year.

It takes a long time for scars to mature – starting as junior scars and eventually (after about a year) they become more organized and the red, lumpy and bumpy appearance should disappear if you’re doing what you should to help your body recover.

Get proactive – treating your scar and be consistent! Trust us – if you invest just a few minutes of your time daily for a year - you will have an amazing looking scar…better yet – a non-existent one!