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Ogee Recovery team, creators of The Ogee Faja, Ogee Scar Gel, EZBra and many more, has a combination of ears in the recovery arena. Combining a range of professionals from plastic surgeons to graphic and multimedia artists, advertising coordinators, sales, and auxiliary services professionals, the Ogee Recovery team is a dynamic melting pot of surgical, marketing, and product support expertise, challenging the status quo of traditional recovery products and safeguarding post-surgical results worldwide.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. William

Dr. William is a Duke University-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon with more than two decades of surgical experience. By committing to a hyper-focused career perfecting the Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, and Breast Augmentation, Dr. William has revolutionized these procedures by defining the "Ogee Line" – the body's beautiful and natural hourglass curve that begins at the upper back and extends beyond the hips and upper thighs.

Chief Operating Officer

Ivan Borodiak

Ivan Borodiak is the current owner of a Orthopedic, Sports & Aquatic Physical Therapy facility in South Florida and in February 2022, he partnered with Dr. Karl William Schwarz who is a world renown Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Miami Florida. As the Chief Operations Officer & Managing Partner of OGEE Recovery, Ivan’s role is to handle all logistics of everyday operations such as sales and forecasting, procurement responsibilities, contract negotiations, co-branding and private label, legal and accounting representation, M&A opportunities, negotiator of KOL and consultancy agreements, television and speaking engagement opportunities among several other key business responsibilities.

Marketing and Operations Director

Paola Bou Daher

Paola Bou Daher, a mid-twenties Venezuela native, is Dr. William’s right-hand in all things marketing, social media, and branding. With a degree in Social Communication and an emphasis on Marketing and Audiovisual Production, Paola graduated from Andrés Bello Catholic University and is often the visionary behind OGEE Recovery’s most innovative campaigns.

Video& Digital Platform Director

Oscar Luna

Oscar Luna, OGEE Recovery’s Video and Digital Platform Director, has been passionate about editing since Final Cut Pro, a cinematic editing software, launched on his computer for the first time during high school. This hunger for video, editing and film has propelled his career, landing him a leading role within OGEE Recovery. Steadfast to his dreams, he graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a bachelor’s degree in film.

Website & Software Integration Manager

Jennifer Bretz

Jennifer Bretz, OGEE Recovery’s Website & Software Integration Manager, takes the crown as the only mom among the OGEE team members, but don’t let that fool you. This brainy Brazilian bombshell bends personal and professional to her whim! Previously working in the computer industry for the family business for 15 years, Jen found herself smitten with web design. Eager to quench that thirst, she switched gears by pursuing her passion while also mastering all areas of digital marketing.



Juan Rojas

Juan Rojas, is the videographer behind many of the OGEE Recovery and Dr. William videos. With nearly a decade of experience, he shines in his trade, always keen on creating a seamless video experience while invoking emotion. He’s enthusiastic about sharing is vast knowledge of the interworking of cameras, tech and photography.

Social Media Assistant

Gabriela Mena

Gabriela Mena, a professionally budding Cuban native, moved to the States with her family, seeking a better future when she was just 14 years old. Since childhood, she’s been captivated by the interworking of television and social media and was unrelenting in her desire to attain education in this field of study. With an Associate of Arts, she is full steam ahead in earning her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Florida National University.

Video Editor

Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez was born in Venezuela and studied in Valencia where he earned his degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Audiovisual Production. As OGEE Recovery’s video editor, this pro specializes in all things animations, motion graphics and illustrations – his work frequently graces both OGEE Recovery and Dr. William’s social media platforms.

Procurement Manager 

Luke Guarnaccia

Luke Guarnaccia, OGEE Recovery’s onsite Procurement Manager, was born and raised in South Florida, currently residing in Delray Beach, FL. Luke found his way to the
business through OGEE Recovery's COO Ivan Borodiak. As a career athlete, Luke was drafted to the MLB’s Seattle Mariners in 2011, where he played for five years. As a minor league athlete, he certainly attained an understanding and respect for the importance of auxiliary recovery products and being a part of an all-star team.