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Website & SoftwareIntegration Manager

Jennifer Bretz

Jennifer Bretz, OGEE Recovery’s Website & Software Integration Manager, takes the crown as the only mom among the OGEE team members, but don’t let that fool you. This brainy Brazilian bombshell bends personal and professional to her whim!

Previously working in the computer industry for the family business for 15 years, Jen found herself smitten with web design. Eager to quench that thirst, she switched gears by pursuing her passion while also mastering all areas of digital marketing.

Meet Jen

Jen’s expertise runs the gauntlet, from computer software to tech, marketing, and digital, so it will come as no surprise that she’s multifaceted within Dr. William and OGEE Recovery enterprises, touching just about every facet of both businesses.

Beginning with the design of Dr. William’s website, she was eventually on-boarded to assist with social media and various ongoing projects, like the launch of OGEE Recovery. In fact, she’s the brainchild behind the OGEE Recovery E-commerce platform and website, and she manages all back-end activity, streamlining software and integrations.

Currently, Jen manages and maintains Dr. William’s websites, YouTube channel, all ads and email marketing campaigns, and is the official liaison of OGEE Recovery -- keeping close-contact patients informed and educated.

 As a multi-hat-wearing expert immersed in both companies, she aims to engage patients, making plastic surgery education attainable for anyone seeking more knowledge.

Jen is a mom of three and has a Westie furbaby named Bella. When she isn’t working, this self-appointed foodie is doing what she loves most --- traveling and learning about cultures, cuisine, and people.