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Video Editor

Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez was born in Venezuela and studied in Valencia where he earned his degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Audiovisual Production.

As OGEE Recovery’s video editor, this pro specializes in all things animations, motion graphics and illustrations – his work frequently graces both OGEE Recovery and Dr. William’s social media platforms.

Meet Manuel

Manuel believes his passion for the arts stemmed from his dad’s career as a musician, which helped give him his creative vision early on. Manuel loves to draw, and always keeps a small notebook handy so he can sketch elements when artistic genuine strikes.

 He started his career early and his resume is impressive, consisting of commercials, short films and music videos he’s edited and directed with renowned brands like Pfizer and Playboy. 

Manuel is the newest addition to OGEE Recovery’s Marketing Department, and he perfectly rounds out a talented, creative and passionate team!