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Video & Digital Platform Director

Oscar Luna

Oscar Luna, OGEE Recovery’s Video and Digital Platform Director, has been passionate about editing since Final Cut Pro, a cinematic editing software, launched on his computer for the first time during high school. This hunger for video, editing and film has propelled his career, landing him a leading role within OGEE Recovery.

Meet Oscar

Oscar graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a bachelor’s degree in film. With the help of a colleague not long after graduation, their production company was conceived, successfully working with several well-known brands, artists and agencies. It was this professional endeavor that paved the way for the creation of his current company and partnership with OGEE Recovery.

After venturing back to Miami (he’s a native), he established the interactive art installation company, Home Eleven. It might come as no surprise, that the company was successful, and he has since created several installations in Miami, Atlanta and Michigan.

Oscar is drawn to and inspired by all aspects of art. With a constant drive to create, learn and perfect his trade, he seeks inspiration from sources that playfully bend the conventional ideas of film and video.

The top of his Mount Rushmore of film is “City of God,” a Brazilian crime-based cinematic masterpiece. He hopes to someday edit and direct a feature of the same caliber.