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Putting On Your Faja

Putting On Your Faja

So, you got your Ogee Faja in the mail, and you’re so excited, but you’re likely looking at it, wondering how something so small will stretch to fit your body. Trust us – it does! Think of all that awesome cinching and compression! 

Your dream body is just a few short months away, but wearing The Ogee Faja properly is an essential part of the process. That means taking the time to learn how to put it on and ensuring it fits before surgery is vital. 

Thanks to The Ogee Faja’s Powernet and multiple levels of compression, putting it on the first time can be a little tricky. The garment is designed to fit snuggly. It hugs your curves after surgery, aiding in circulation, drainage, swelling, and more. 

Once your faja has arrived, we recommend trying it on before surgery. This effort helps familiarize you with how it will feel and the process of putting it on

Also, while we have a generous return policy, please only try on your faja while wearing clean undergarments, keeping the tags intact, and without wearing any scented deodorant or perfume. If the faja isn’t the right size, we want you to be able to exchange or return it without a hitch. 

Begin with clean, dry skin (so there is no sticking), and stretch the faja a bit.

Next, while standing, roll up one leg of the garment (exactly as you would with pantyhose) and put one leg at a time through the holes – be sure to align the legs properly as you step in. 

Holding the faja from the top of the legs, pull it up slowly until it fits comfortably, paying specific attention to how it fits around the buttocks and hips. It should fit around the legs, hips, and butt like jeans before you begin working on the eye hooks. 

Fasten the garment by pulling firmly on both sides. You’ll want to start from the bottom and work your way up using the first line of hooks for the least amount of compression to start. The more your body changes during your recovery, the tighter you can cinch – similar to how you wear a bra. 

Once the garment is all fastened, adjust your shoulder straps to what’s comfortable for you. 

**Tip – we recommend at least two fajas – this is important as you’ll need to wear one even while one is being cleaned.

Finally, as mentioned, if you’ve attempted a fitting without success, you may return or exchange your faja for a full refund if all criteria are met:

  • it is free of marks, stains, fluids, and scents (deodorant/perfume)
  • faja is unworn
  • tags are attached
  • garment is in original packaging
  • and it is received within 30 days after the original delivery date