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Getting Your Ogee Faja Tailored

Getting Your Ogee Faja Tailored

While your faja is meant to stretch, move and fit many different body types, you may want to see a seamstress to get a custom fit as your body changes after surgery. In fact, getting your faja altered is a smart alternative to purchasing a new one.

The Ogee Faja, with its ultra-compression Powernet fabric and hook and eye enclosure, is designed to be cinched up to four levels. Still, once you start to get smaller post-surgery, you may shrink beyond the capabilities of your current faja. It’s at this point that you may want to purchase a new, smaller faja or seek out a seamstress.

A professional tailor can cinch and sew something perfectly to fit your body, but please keep in mind that as your body changes, your faja will also need to. Your body won’t be fully healed until a year post-op, and you’ll likely see changes throughout the process.

Your most significant transformation will happen around the three-month mark – that’s when a lot of the swelling starts to subside. While you can see a seamstress as early as you’d like for a custom-fitting faja, if you go too early, you may need to schedule additional alterations as you continue healing.

Before surgery, we recommend getting two fajas; that way, you always have one to wear, even during laundering, which will be daily or more within your first few weeks. Having a few fajas on hand also ensures that you will have one to wear as yours is being tailored.