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How to Use the Ogee Roller After a BBL or After Liposuction

How to Use the Ogee Roller After a BBL or After Liposuction


Massage RollerLiposuction is truly transformative. I often describe it as the most potent tool in a plastic surgeon's toolkit. The results can be stunning—sometimes so dramatic that they even surprise the surgeon! However, liposuction can occasionally leave the skin with uneven textures, including lumps and bumps. In some cases, it can even lead to fibrosis, compromising an otherwise flawless outcome. Enter the solution: the Ogee Roller, which some people have called a “vibrating rolling pin!”

While many patients focus on achieving the tiniest waist by compressing and layering waist trainers over their fajas, they tend to overlook the care of their skin—a significant oversight. While fajas, foams, and boards indeed play a pivotal role in post-operative care, rolling, in my view, is paramount. It is the key to achieving the smoothest skin post-liposuction.


  • Step 1: (Starting POD #0 - Day of Surgery) Start using the Roller immediately post-surgery. Gently roll it over the faja; the objective here is to aid sensation. Given the post-operative soreness, ensure you apply only light pressure. You can use the Roller over both the faja and foams.
  • Step 2: Once your skin feels ready—typically within the first two weeks post-surgery—use the Roller directly on the skin. Imagine you're using a rolling pin and apply considerably more pressure. Ensure you cover all areas, both front and back, for a 360-degree approach.
  • Step 3: (Starting POD #14 - 2 weeks after surgery) Shift to a gentle approach with the Roller. On its highest vibration setting, the Roller facilitates Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Apply soft, vibrational pressure, directing the left side of your body's fluid towards the left groin and the right side towards the right groin. These groin areas house the lymph nodes, which act as the body's drainage system. To effectively redirect the fluid, it's essential to open the lymphatic channels. This is achieved using a gentle touch and the Roller's high vibrational setting. In this step, let the Ogee Roller do the heavy lifting. The lighter the pressure, the better. Allow the Roller's diamonds and vibrations to open the lymphatic channels and facilitate fluid drainage. Continue this regimen for three months.