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Why is Silicone Great for Scars?

Why is Silicone Great for Scars?

Research has found that the key to eliminating scars isn’t just skin deep. Treatment of scars should be multi-pronged, beginning with an effective scar gel.

However, not all scar gel are created equal. Though the type of gel or ointment you use isn’t necessarily the most critical factor, getting something with silicon as an active ingredient is essential because it will help with a few important things vital for scar or wound healing. 

Our silicon-based scar gel provides a semi-permeable barrier that works a lot like skin. It traps in the body’s moisture, keeping scars or incisions hydrated while allowing oxygen to move freely. Through permeable hydration, silicon gel combines two powerful forces in healing. 

Also, silicon works like a slick barrier between your finger and scar, making application easier because your skin slides without friction. Rubbing your finger over a tender scar or new incision is challenging enough. A silicone gel helps your skin to glide easily, so you aren’t aggravating what alright might be a delicate area.

Ogee Scar Gel 

The Ogee Scar Gel, sold by Ogee Recovery, takes the power of silicon to the next level by adding a few additional features. 

Understanding that ideal scar reduction results are achieved when a medical-grade silicone-based gel is worked into a scar or incision using pressure and massage, the Ogee Scar Gel combines the power of ultra-hydrating silicon-based gel with a vibrating, roll-on applicator head. 

Add batteries to simulate vibration, flip the switch located on the bottom, and roll! The silicone formula accumulates on the roller’s tip while the device provides gentle vibration to soften and flatten scars. 

It is also small, portable, and easy to use – allowing all types of patients to finally achieve freedom from scars with a simple flip of a button. 


Visit ogeerecovery.com to purchase the Ogee Scar Gel today!