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EZBra by Ogee Recovery

The Ezbra is a sterile, disposable bra designed to fit most breasts while providing comfortable support that’s easy to put on and made of ultra-absorbent and breathable fabric. It is the perfect recovery solution for any breast procedure.

Is the EZbra sterile?

Yes! The EZbra comes packaged from the manufacturer and should be discarded after use.

Does the EZbra have adhesives or latex?

During recovery, patients shouldn’t have to worry about anything that could complicate healing, including allergic reactions. The EZbra was created without latex or adhesives. Instead, it’s made from natural rubber.

Does EZbra have different sizes?

The EZbra has three sizes to cover a wide range of bra sizes and body shapes.

Will the EZbra support drains?

EZbra is designed to stabilize drain tubes and hold drain bulbs for proper drain management.

Will the EZbra absorb any fluid or blood from incisions?

The EZbra is an ultra-absorbent, multilayered garment that’s easy to put on and created from breathable fabric. It’s designed to absorb any fluid and be thrown away.

How do I put on my EZbra?

With clean hands, stand in front a mirror and open the Ezbra and remove the instructions. Unfold and detach the front tabs, and while holding them, place the tabs behind your back and pull up to your armpits. Fasten the tabs by crossing the upper tab over left cup and attaching, and repeating the process on the other side.

Flex Bands
Unfold the top and bottom flex bands, pull and attach. Release longer flex bands on top and bottom. To adjust compression levels, refit tabs and bands.

Can a patient put on/remove the EZbra without help?

Yes! The EZbra uses flex bands that secure in the front. This feature, among many others, makes it ideal to giving patients back their autonomy after surgery.

Does the EZbra have underwire?

After surgery, patients must have gentle, comfortable support – that’s why the EZbra was designed without underwire. Instead, the flex bands/tabs allow patients to adjust the garment to their compression comfort level without putting too much pressure on incisions.

Can the EZbra be worn directly after surgery?

Yes! In fact, many plastic surgeons/doctors will already have it on you when you wake.

Does the EZbra offer compression?

Yes, the EZbra has tailored compression that can be adjusted per every patient’s specific needs.