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The Ogee Faja: Postpartum Garment

The Ogee Faja: Postpartum Garment

The Ogee Faja was initially designed for a specific purpose – post-surgical recovery support after a BBL, liposuction or both. 

However, as we critiqued our design and explored the world of compression garments used in various recovery scenarios, we learned that an excellent compression garment works as a medical device that can run the spectrum of post-surgical needs. 

Taking all of the vital information we learned, the functional fitting Ogee Faja, designed by a board certified plastic surgeon, was specifically molded to offer various aid and function for many different procedures. From vital compression after liposuction or a BBL to postpartum support and even general shapewear, The Ogee Faja is the go-to girdle.

In fact, so much of the support needed after c-sections and even natural births is very similar to what’s required after liposuction or a BBL. 

As a postpartum garment, The Ogee Faja: 

  • Provides comfort and compression to aid in healing
  • Reduces swelling, bleeding and pain
  • Improves mobility and posture
  • Offers structured support, stabilizing the abdominal wall and lower back
  • Tightens the stomach and helps muscles heal while giving the illusion of a trimmer waist 

While new moms begin the most important job they’ll ever have, The Ogee Faja offers compression, comfort and confidence. The no-slip, lace legs keep the garment in place through the trunk, and the open-crotch design allows ease of wear during frequent bathroom visits. 

Further, the functional fit wraps each new mom in a firm compression that feels like a security blanket, hugging her midsection snuggly so that she can bend and move comfortably without fear of bumping incisions or other tender areas. 

While providing the support needed after surgery to ensure rapid healing, The Ogee Faja also streamlines the figure and helps tighten and trim the waist, ensuring that every new mom has the best tool in her arsenal to help her radiate confidence while her body bounces back quickly and safely postpartum.