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The Importance of a Post-Surgical Bra Dressing

The Importance of a Post-Surgical Bra Dressing

The more you know, the better you look – that’s my motto and for a good reason. I find myself learning every day, and I’m grateful, as it’s served me well during my career.

That’s a huge reason why I developed Ogee Recovery. After years and years spent doing body augmentations, I’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of proper post-surgical care. Following your plastic surgeon’s orders and purchasing/wearing excellent recovery products are prominent factors in ensuring outstanding results.

That said, after any breast surgery, a post-surgical bra helps to support implants or breasts through compression. Compression stops blood from pooling around incision sites, minimizes swelling, and aids your body in healing.

A recovery bra is pretty straightforward, and there are dozens on the market, but not all are created equal. Bearing in mind that you’ll be wearing it for 24 hours a day for your first two weeks, you’ll want to purchase a garment that:

  • Provides support
  • Is comfortable
  • Stretches
  • Is easily adjustable or clasps/zips in the front
  • No underwire

The Ogee EZBra can be found on ogeerecovery.com, and I recommend it for several reasons. The innovative design offers an advanced solution to the discomfort and inconvenience patients experience after breast surgery.

Certainly, it offers all the features above, but it is also a sterile, disposable bra that’s easy to put on and made of ultra-absorbent and breathable fabric. Instead of cleaning a recovery bra after it’s been soiled, you can remove the Ogee EZbra and throw it away, minimizing the possibility of infection.

The Ogee EZbra is comfortable, and instead of simply having a zipper or clasps, it has a front-facing adjustable enclosure, allowing patients to tailor the fit to their body specifically while offering autonomy after surgery. Its gentle support anchors implants and drains in place.

Further, it’s made without rubber latex or underwire, making it perfect for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. Multilayer dressing provides breathable absorption, ensuring your wounds stay clean and dry.