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Scars and Applying Ogee Scar Gel

Scars and Applying Ogee Scar Gel

Scars aren’t just a product of surgery. People deal with skin imperfections for hundreds of reasons.  

But reducing the appearance of scars requires more than mindlessly putting on a quick coating of magic elixir. Instead, the most effective method to kiss scars goodbye requires a specific type of gel formula, technique, massage, and, most importantly – time.

Ogee Scar Gel, sold by Ogee Recovery, takes all the guesswork out of eliminating scars, and even better – it can be used on new, post-surgical, and old existing scars. The small, portable, and easy-to-use device lets patients achieve freedom from scars with a simple button flip.

The Ogee Scar Gel combines the power of ultra-hydrating silicon-based gel with a vibrating roll-on applicator head. The ointment is a semi-permeable barrier that works like skin – trapping the body’s moisture to keep scars hydrated while allowing air to flow freely. The combination of massage, hydration, and airflow creates an ideal environment for healing.

Start by shaking the roller vigorously for about 20 seconds. Then, add batteries and flip the switch located on the bottom. While moving the device over the scar, the gel formula accumulates on the roller’s tip and provides gentle vibration. The combined application method expedites healing and helps to eliminate the appearance of scars.

As mentioned, it’s important not to rush through the application. The whole process should take about two minutes and be done daily for an entire year for the best outcome. Remember, incisions must be completely healed before using this product – approximately three weeks post-surgery.

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