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Introducing The Ogee Roller

Introducing The Ogee Roller

The Ogee Roller, introduced to the market by a seasoned American board certified plastic surgeon and Duke University alumni, will change the recovery process for liposuction patients forever.

Each year millions of people undergo liposuction, and while it can be a life-changing procedure, results can become hampered due to lumpy, fibrotic skin. The Ogee Roller, with its attachable handles, textured surface, and deep vibration, is turning the plastic surgery arena on its head and challenging even the most difficult fibrosis cases.

During a liposuction procedure, there is a normal separation of tissue that happens based on how every surgeon uses the cannula to remove the body’s fat deposits. The body’s natural response to the separation of tissue is to repair it by creating fibers, which can often lead to fibrosis or lumps and/or bumps near the incision site. While this isn’t an uncommon hurdle after liposuction, in most cases, it is preventable with the proper proactive measures.

Alongside lymphatic massage and wearing a compression garment, plastic surgery patients can ensure the smoothest skin possible by utilizing The Ogee Roller, a state-of-the-art rolling device that manipulates the skin using pressure, texture, and heat. From the comfort of your own home, the Ogee Roller does precisely that while also decreasing areas of numbness.

“This rolling device with its heat, vibration and little pyramids is a must-have after undergoing liposuction. The results are totally different when patients roll after lipo.” – Dr. William, Miami.

How to Use

Simply click on the detachable handles, and use the Ogee Roller like a rolling pin, applying firm pressure on all areas treated with liposuction. Once you begin the second pass-through, switch on the vibration and heat modes to stimulate the fascia and increase blood flow to tighten and smooth skin.

In the early phase of your recovery from liposuction, you may find it more comfortable to use the Ogee Roller on top of your compression garment. However, you’ll want to use the Ogee Roller directly against your skin as you heal and get more comfortable. Work especially hard on areas that feel more firm—rolling to smooth and amplify results.

Tip: Begin one week after your surgery and continue for six months following surgery. The more frequently and the longer you roll, the better your results.

Ogee Recovery is committed to excellence. The Ogee Roller, as well as all other Ogee Recovery products, was developed to aid in a seamless recovery and ensure the best possible results after plastic surgery.

Better Recovery, Better Results – that’s Ogee Recovery.