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How to Get the Best Scar After Surgery

How to Get the Best Scar After Surgery

While nobody desires post-surgery scars, they are an inevitable outcome of most surgical procedures. The key to managing scars lies not in avoiding them altogether but in optimizing their appearance. Enter Ogee Scar System – an approach that simplifies the process of achieving the best possible scar post-surgery. Let's delve into this systems simple two-part approach that can make a significant difference in the way your scars heal. A big difference.

Understanding Scar Maturation:

Before we explore the Ogee Scar System, it's crucial to understand scars typically require around 12 months to fully mature. Throughout this maturation period, the scar's appearance can be influenced, making consistent care crucial for the first year after surgery. Optimal results are unlikely if scar care is ignored after just a month post-surgery. We want to end up with a well-healed scar that is flat, thin, and seamlessly blends with the surrounding skin. Here’s how:

The Ogee Scar System: A Two-Part Approach:

  • Ogee Silicone Scar Strips: These medical grade silicone strips are designed for overnight application directly over the incision. Simple and effective, they play a crucial role in softening the scar.

  • The Ogee Scar Gel: This unique gel comes in a vibrating, rolling ball applicator to allow the patient to effectively massage the scar gel into the scar and massage the scar itself; an aspect of scar care where patients usually fall short. The gel is designed to be massaged into the scar, new or old, twice a day for two minutes at a time for twelve months.

How to Use the Ogee Scar System:

scar treatment

The process is a simple two step system. Each evening, apply the silicone scar strips directly over the incision and keep them on overnight. In the morning, remove the strips, clean and dry the incision area, and apply the Ogee Scar Gel. To apply the gel, shake the bottle to ensure the gel reaches the rollerball tip, activate the vibration feature, and firmly massage the gel onto the scar using small circular motions as well as linear motions along the incision's path. Repeat this process twice a day, with each application lasting about two minutes. You cannot massage too much! Commit to this regimen for a year post-surgery to achieve the very best scar possible.

Products to Avoid:

Certain products can interfere with the scar healing process. Steer clear of hydrogen peroxide, ethyl alcohol, witch hazel, Betadine, and surprisingly, Vitamin E. Contrary to popular belief, vitamin E hasn't been proven beneficial for surgical wounds and may even impede collagen formation or cause allergic reactions.

Scar Treatment Recommendations:

While procedures like BBL, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and other cosmetic surgeries like breast lifts and reductions leave scars, their appearance can be significantly improved. The Ogee Scar System offers a simple, two-part solution (Ogee Silicone Scar Strips and Ogee Scar Gel) recommended for post-surgical scars from these procedures, as well as all other types of scars. By understanding the scar maturation process and diligently following the Ogee Scar System for twelve months, you can achieve a flatter, thinner scar that seamlessly blends with your surrounding skin. 

In conclusion, the Ogee Scar System provides a comprehensive and effective approach to scar management post-surgery in two easy steps. By understanding the scar maturation process and following the two-part system diligently, you can optimize the appearance of your scars. Remember, commitment to this scar care regimen over the course of a year is key to achieving the best possible results.