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Procurement Manager 

Luke Guarnaccia

Luke Guarnaccia, OGEE Recovery’s onsite Procurement Manager, was born and raised in South Florida, currently residing in Delray Beach, FL.

As a career athlete, Luke was drafted to the MLB’s Seattle Mariners in 2011, where he played for five years. As a minor league athlete, he certainly attained an understanding and respect for the importance of auxiliary recovery products and being a part of an all-star team.

Meet Luke

Luke found his way to the business through OGEE Recovery COO Ivan Borodiak.

As the Procurement Manager, Luke streamlines the transition between the OGEE shop and the customer. He creates efficient systems of monitoring inventory and sales, manages shipping and logistics while playing a frontline role in patient knowledge and customer care.

In his spare time, Luke enjoys visiting friends and family, crushing it at the gym, playing golf, and traveling with his lovely fiancé.