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compression garment

What is a Functional Fit?

If you’re interested in a BBL or follow me on social media, you’ve likely heard me use the phrase ‘functional fit’ in reference to a faja. I want to take a few minutes to thoroughly explain what the term means and how it pertains specifically to The Ogee Faja.

I like to think of a functional-fitting faja as a garment that comfortably fulfills a need while working with your body’s normal movement. It’s functional, meaning it serves a specific purpose (reduces bleeding, minimizes inflammation, prevents fluid retention, etc.), but it’s also designed thoughtfully to be practical for the wearer.

I think practicality makes all the difference in a faja, and that’s where so many others have fallen short. Certainly, the standard faja provides strong compression that aids in shaping and pain regulation, but it’s standard, uncomfortable and rigid. It doesn’t give where it needs to, and it certainly can’t be customized to move with you.

The Key Feature in the Ogee Faja

That’s where The Ogee Faja is different. Before designing this compression garment, I spent years studying and recommending other designs to my patients. Yes, they work, but I knew fajas could be created more thoughtfully, paying mind to the ENTIRE surgery (not just the liposuction), the patient’s comfort AND the outcome.

The Ogee Faja is considered a functional fitting faja because it’s purposefully designed to hug the areas with tighter compression that have received liposuction and give a little in the areas where fat is added. Instead of having standard, firm compression that runs the length of your body, it stays true to the hourglass shape by accentuating it – cinching through the back and into the waist and loosening in the hips, butt and thighs.

Different Levels of Compression and Added Comfort

What’s more, The Ogee Faja is customizable through its hook and eye closure, which has four size adjustments that promote gradual compression, and its wide adjustable straps. These features mean that The Ogee Faja can change as your body does. When you need more comfort and looser compression, loosen the size adjustments – when you want the ultimate in cinching, tighten it up. It’s that simple.

Not to mention the garment’s other functional attributes, like the open crotch for extended wear and its silicone lace thighs that prevent roll-up and chafing. Every design choice was examined, always keeping your goals and comfort at the forefront of every decision.

And that’s a functional fit - it is all about what’s right for you during your journey. I am a firm believer that one size doesn’t fit all, and getting the body that you’ve always dreamt of means finding your perfect fit. That’s only possible in a faja that’s designed to be a little something different for each person who wears it – that’s why The Ogee Faja’s functional fit has revolutionized the standard in faja. Each body is different, and your faja should be too.