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What is the Key Area and Why is it Key?

What is the Key Area and Why is it Key?

If you’re here, you know that I firmly believe that it’s all about the shape, and I think a vital part of creating the perfect hourglass silhouette lies within the Key Area. 

The Key Area is the triangle-like space that lives below the love handle and above the butt. This area and a few others see extensive liposuction during a BBL

Everyone has a triangular Key Area, but the shape is slightly different per individual. While I spend a lot of time sculpting this part of the body during a BBL, and it is triangle-like on every person, the subtle differences in shape that are unique to each patient completely change the final look of the buttocks from one patient to another. It’s for this reason that everyone’s results look different. 

The Importance of the key area in Ogee Lipo®

The Key Area is critical because it defines the Ogee Line – a BBL would not be a BBL without the shaping and lipo that happens here. Liposuction of this area:

  1. creates a seamless transition from the waist into hips and then buttocks
  2. gives the butt its voluptuous, round shape 

Before the conception of Ogee Lipo®, the importance of the Key Area wasn’t realized. As soon as I began building out the hip and concentrating on the Key Area, square-like butts became a thing of the past, and the beautiful, curvy transition from the high back through the waist and down the hips and thighs was born. 

The Key Area is vital because it is the foundation for the perfect Ogee shape. That’s why it’s so critical that we spend the time defining it during surgery, and patients wear their fajas as instructed to continue sculpting and shaping the area through compression long after the surgery has concluded.