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BBL: Self-Care and the Ogee Roller

BBL: Self-Care and the Ogee Roller

It’s hard to “trust the process” when everything is bruised, painful, and swollen.

While a patient’s swelling after a BBL is likely to peak around day three, professionals believe that patients will hit a mental health roadblock by day five. During this point in recovery, many women are at their sorest, most sleep deprived, and are genuinely starting to doubt the process.

Every patient will go through a bit of depression during recovery (each person is different), but the best way to combat these feelings is by taking a proactive approach during healing and preparing through education. Patients can better prepare themselves if they know what and when to expect things during the recovery timeline.

 Wear a Faja

A faja is a compression garment worn after liposuction or a BBL. It reduces bleeding, minimizes inflammation, prevents fluid retention, and encourages overall healing – vitally essential factors that protect and preserve results.

Wearing a faja is gospel – get one and wear it daily - 24.7. Not only will it provide supportive compression, but it will also help patients feel more comfortable and protected.

Lymphatic Massage

Get aggressive about maintaining a lymphatic massage routine. Before a BBL, schedule the first ten lymphatic massages. The first five should be every day after surgery.

During a lymphatic massage, certified specialists expel lymphatic fluid through your incisions (while open) and the body’s lymph nodes or lymphatic system. By creating a triangular-like shape with their hands, specialists apply minimal sweeping pressure using slow, gentle motions.

Because of soreness, the massages will be painful at first, but patients will leave feeling much better.

Ogee Roller

In addition to lymphatic massage, the Ogee Recovery’s Ogee Roller is an excellent way for patients to take self-care into their own hands. With its attachable handles, textured surface, and deep vibration and heat modes, the Ogee Roller takes massage to another level in the comfort of a patient’s home.

The device manipulates the skin using pressure, texture, and heat. Patients are encouraged to begin treatment one week after surgery and continue using the Ogee Roller for six months following surgery. The more frequently and the longer a patient rolls, the better their results.

***Tips for Use - Click on the detachable handles, and move the device like a rolling pin, applying desired pressure. Perform the first pass over the skin (or faja) without adding the device’s heat or vibration features. Move on to the second pass-through, turning on the vibration and heat modes per comfort.



Combat pain through movement and walking. Pain in the lateral and lower flank area can get severe because that’s where fluid and blood pool. Through walking and stretching, the body can naturally start to expel fluid. Expelled fluid means less swelling and less swelling means more comfort. Move as frequently as tolerated.